Teeth Whitening at Diamond & Pearl Spa

If you are someone who suffers with tooth sensitivity. At Diamond and Pearl Spa you can be rest assured that your experience will be a relaxing and enjoyable one.


Our teeth whitening product is made in Canada and FDA and Health Canada approved and salon level 16% peroxide. It leaves you with little to no tooth sensitivity post procedure with the total appointment takes about 1.5 hours including an hour of that time being used to whiten your beautiful teeth. There are some contra indications that we have to be conscious of which is why we begin the appointment with a thorough consult to ensure that teeth whitening is right for you! 

You can expect your teeth to brighten by 3-10 shades in one treatment creating brilliant beautiful results! 

We Generally like to take before and after pictures so you can enjoy the results first hand in 1 hour or less! 

Book your teeth whitening in Brampton at Diamond and Pearl Spa and get dazzling bright white results. 

What Can You Expect From Teeth Whitening at Diamond & Pearl Spa?

You’ll find that plenty of spas provide different teeth whitening treatments, but at Diamond & Pearl Spa, we’ve worked hard to perfect our process.  


Combining a clinical-grade gel composed of 16% hydrogen peroxide with our light sources, our teeth whitening process is quick, simple and effective.


We credit this effectiveness to the addition of intense light. It is the light that helps to rapidly oxidize the organic discoloration that we find present both on the surface of the teeth, but also inside the teeth.


Not to mention that because we use a gel solution, you’ll find that the solution itself polishes the teeth even without the use of light. Together, this dynamic duo of hydrogen peroxide gel and our specific light works wonders on stained teeth. You can expect your teeth to lighten between 3-15 shades in one session with little to no teeth sensitivity.


For most teeth, you should expect the whole teeth whitening procedure to take approximately an hour.

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